April/May Issue of Echelon Magazine Available

Check out the newest edition of Echelon Magazine, and be sure to read the article I wrote entitled When Traveling, Be Cautious of the Term “Gay-Friendly” on page 34.


One response to “April/May Issue of Echelon Magazine Available

  1. I was filling out a Progressive Insurance Car quote online and my application was refused due to me and my husband being of the same sex.

    I sent them this email and an awaiting a reply……

    Your Progressive support request

    Below is a copy of your recent message to Progressive:

    Subject: Progressive Website Support

    Message: I was filling out your online application for quote, I was shocked and offended when I entered the info for my husband and our application was rejected/refused with the notice “Name insured/spouse cannot be same gender” WHAT ???? We are a legally married same sex couple. We are Canadian and live six months a year in the USA. We have a registered licensed car in Florida as well we both have Florida drivers licenses. This must be a web form mistake, I hope to receive a speedy reply. Surely your company does business with same sex couples ?

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