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Gay Advertisement #21: Treetopia Makes Christmas Gayer

I don’t know what to say about this Treetopia billboard that recently went up in Los Angeles.  I’ll let the tree’s description from the Treetopia website speak for itself:

“My first home was in a Vacation Bible School classroom where the students were learning all about Noah’s Ark and God’s promise to never again destroy the earth. Life was full of love; children sat close to me to be around the happiness that comes from rainbows and Christmas. I got to play the rainbow in all the church pageants. I was happy.

But one day the new minister’s wife ran in screaming, “That tree is a bad influence on my little boy!!!” She pointed a shaking finger at me, and two burly members of the congregation picked me up and put me in a closet-like box. I didn’t understand what the uproar was about. After all, I’m Just a Rainbow Tree.

A few months and a cross country trek later, those closet doors were thrown open and I alighted onto the floor of a thrift store in San Francisco. A crowd gathered around; their “oohs” and “aahs” and “Fabulous!” escalated until they hoisted me onto their shoulders. I was paraded up and down Castro Street, and soon a line formed behind me as we sang “Somewhere over the Rainbow”. I was so overwhelmed by the immediate acceptance and love that I just burst into tears.

My place is still in that thrift store, in the center window, still drawing crowds with my 7 foot stature and cheerful looks (I don’t need lights!). Oh! Listen to this – Last Saturday a woman ran into the store and threw her arms around me. I’m used to that, but I was surprised when she whispered, “I’m sorry”. When she pulled away, I saw who it was: The minister’s wife, and right behind her was her little boy, wearing the loudest colors I’d ever seen on a child. “If wearing bright colors makes him happy,” she said, taking his hand, “then he can wear bright colors.” We all hugged, and live happily after ever.”


Study Shows Companies Fail To Deliver On “Gay Friendly” Promise

Back in July, OGM relayed the horror story one gay couple experienced at a “gay friendly” resort in Cancun.  It should surprise nobody that this incident is far more common than it should be, according to a new study by Out Now Consulting.

The global GLBT consulting firm surveyed 30,000 people across the globe, and found that many hotels and destinations claim to be gay friendly, but do not take the necessary measures to ensure they actually are.  It seems companies are keen to slap the phrase “gay friendly” on advertisements these days without putting a second thought into what the term actually entails.

While it certainly doesn’t invalidate these findings, it should be noted the Out Now press release doesn’t mention any quantitative figures from the study, and the company also has some skin in the game.  Conveniently, Out Now offers GayComfort, an online training and accreditation program for hospitality professionals interested in serving the GLBT community.

dot429 Connects GLBT Professionals

Today OGM features dot429, a social networking site that provides GLBT professionals a place to network and share professional experiences.  In the words of the website itself:

“Welcome to dot429 – a professional network for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and our allies. We are dedicated to connecting LGBTA professionals online and in person. Join us as we build our community and continue to improve our website. Start connecting with some of the most influential and successful among the LGBTA community where together we can achieve even more.”