(Anti) Gay Advertisements #24 and #25: Miller Coors


If you watch as much TV as I do, you’ve undoubtedly noticed Miller Lite’s “Man Up” series of commercials (example below), which outwardly ostracize males who demonstrate feminine tendencies (like sporting a thong or wearing skinny jeans).  More recently Miller launched the commercial above for its High Life brand, which carries on the company’s apparent opposition to gender diversity.

There are numerous examples of ads in the American media landscape that drip with homophobia, but what makes these commercials notable is that Miller Lite was nominated for a GLAAD Media Award in Advertising in 2010 for a series of print ads the brand ran (thanks to Queerty for first pointing this out).

I find it sad that Miller Coors has resorted to low brow attacks on gender diversity to sell booze, especially when the company has historically demonstrated great support for the GLBT community (recently scoring a 100% in HRC’s 2011 Corporate Diversity Index).  What I find incredibly ironic out about the situation is that Miller Lite is generally considered by beer connoisseurs to be flavorless watered-down swill – nothing manly about that!


One response to “(Anti) Gay Advertisements #24 and #25: Miller Coors

  1. Zachary Schmiedeke

    Thank you for writing about these commercials. They have always bothered me, but I thought I was being overly protective or something. I am surprised to find that Miller Lite has been considered “diverse” at all after seeing these ads. I was taught that being a man was about treating people with respect, acting maturely, and standing up for what you believe in; not for drinking, as you put it, “flavorless watered-down swill.” I think it’s time we show everyone that manhood is more than conforming to peer-pressure and showing up the guys; it’s about fighting for a cause you believe in, treating everyone with respect, maintaining a good job to support yourself or your family, and taking care of the people you love. That’s what being a man is all about, that’s what we should be teaching our kids. Not this. This isn’t funny and it’s not cute. It’s homophobic. And blind prejudice like this should not be promoted.

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