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GLBT Americans Remain More Optimistic About The Economy

The results of a recent survey, released today by Harris Interactive and Witeck-Combs Communications, indicate that gays and lesbians remain more optimistic about the economy than their heterosexual counterparts.  Nearly four in ten (39%) GLBT respondents believe the economy will improve in the next year, while only 29% of heterosexual survey-takers share this optimism.

Furthermore, 30% of gay and lesbian adults say they feel more secure in their financial situation than last year, while only 19% of heterosexual respondents report feeling more secure.  The results of this survey are in line with previous Harris Interactive surveys, indicating gays and lesbians consistently remains more optimistic about the country’s economy.

Naturally, these survey results are welcome news to companies targeting the GLBT community.  In these tough economic times, marketers continue to search for pockets of consumers willing to open their purse strings.  If you’re a marketer who hasn’t turned an eye to the gay and lesbian community, it might be time.


New Study Says Gays More Likely To Read Blogs, Connect On Social Networking Sites

It’s no secret that Americans are turning to the internet more and more as a source for connecting to the outside world, and a new report by Harris Interactive and Witeck-Combs Communications suggests the GLBT community is at the forefront of this trend.

The press release published today reports that 54% of GLBT adults read blogs on a regular basis, compared to just 40% of heterosexual adults.  Furthermore, gay and lesbian membership on social networking sites outpaced heterosexuals on Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, and Twitter, and 55% of GLBT adults visit a social networking site every day compared to just 41% of heterosexual adults.

For marketers wanting to reach the GLBT community, this report has some significant implications – the most obvious one being that a strong social media platform is important when targeting gay consumers.  The study will also likely provide fodder for those who contend that gays and lesbians are turning to the internet more and more for news that affects the GLBT community (possibly at the expense of gay print publications).

Additionally, this report says something about gay consumers in general – that we are more likely to use new technology and new means of connecting to the world around us.  This means marketers should be agile and alert to new and innovative advertising outlets and must try to avoid stale, habitual techniques when targeting the GLBT community.

Gay Advertisement #3: Fleet Launches Enema Targeted at Gay Men

C.B. Fleet, the makers of disposable colonics, has announced they will debut a new product this month – Fleet Naturals – targeted at gay and bisexual men who use at-home enemas for “elective rectal cleansing.”  To support the product launch, Fleet is buying out advertising space in Out as well as other regional publications (read: fag rags).  Additionally, Fleet will launch an online display ad campaign on websites of interest to gay readers including menshealth.com and prevention.com.  The print ad above is an example of the creative (produced by firm Euro RSCG) designed to cheekily market the product while keeping the messaging tasteful.

I applaud Fleet for expanding their target to include gay men (although I have to wonder why it took them so long to do so) and for commissioning a research study to explore our often misunderstood segment of the population.  The company hired polling firm Harris Interactive last year to research the market potential and found that 21% of gay and bisexual men had used a disposable enema in the last year and, 87 % reported they did so as a precursor to “anal intimacy.”

In case you’re wondering, Fleet Naturals differs from traditional at-home enemas in that it contains no laxative, but instead contains aloe to enhance a sought-after fresh sensation.  Traditional disposable colonics also use a petroleum-based lubricant on its tip, which can cause breakage when coming into contact with a latex condom.  Fleet Naturals uses a water-based lube instead.

Fleet’s new version hits shelves at CVS drug stores and Target this month, followed by Walgreens next month and Rite-Aid in June.  Wal-Mart is the only major retailer who has refused to carry it so far (another reason to avoid ever shopping at Wal-Mart).