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Out Now Global LGBT Study: Companies Benefit From Gay-Targeted Marketing

Some preliminary findings from the expansive 2010 Out Now Global LGBT Study will be released this week, and the results suggest that corporations worldwide have more to gain than lose through ‘public displays of affection’ towards lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) customers and staff.  According to Echelon, initial results show the powerful gay consumer market – accounting for 6% of all sales worldwide – will choose brands that support GLBT customers with visible, well-targeted marketing campaigns.

“After ‘coming out’, LGBT people in 2010 are now well advanced in the process of ‘coming in’ – into the mainstream of society in many ways,” says Ian Johnson, CEO of Out Now – a global LGBT marketing specialist agency.  “There still exists levels of discrimination and misinformation directed against LGBT people – but this new research reveals a clear trend,” says Johnson. “Gay consumers switch brands to support companies that support LGBT customers and staff. This is highly significant – and valuable.”

This news comes on the heals of Target and Best Buys’ highly publicized support of anti-gay Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Rob Emmer.  This move has enraged gay activists and has company shareholders worried.  The retailers’ ill-advised political contributions will no doubt cost them dearly.  The Human Rights Campaign has demanded the two companies make an equal contribution to that organization’s cause.  Neither has ponied up, but Target Chairman and Chief Executive Gregg Steinhafel did issue a half-hearted apology yesterday.  Better late than never I suppose.


Gays More Optimistic About the Economy

According to a recent Harris Interactive Poll, GLBT households continue to be far more optimistic about the job market and economy than their straight counterparts.  The nationwide poll reports that 75% of heterosexual households feel the job market in their region is “somewhat bad” or “very bad” compared to just 64% of GLBT households.  Twenty-seven percent of GLBT adults also expect the job market will improve over the next six months, compared to just 12% of heterosexual adults.

Additionally, gay adults were more hopeful about the overall economy. Twenty-one percent of GLBT adults believe the economy will start growing again within the next six months, compared with just 10% of heterosexual adults.  GBLT households are just as susceptible to economic risks as heterosexual households, and in some circumstances much more so considering they are not afforded some of the rights to certain safety net programs that straight households are.

What does this mean to marketers?  Gays are more optimistic and much more likely to spend their hard-earned dollars in this volatile economy.  It’s something to remember when planning your marketing budgets in the coming months.