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Kimpton Hotels Named Most Visible By GLBT Travelers

According to a survey of 4,700 gay and lesbian travelers, Kimpton Hotels is the best U.S. hotel chain at promoting itself to the GLBT market.

In its 14th annual survey of gay tourists, GLBT agency Community Marketing asked respondents to write-in the name of the most visible hotel chain to the gay and lesbian community.  Kimpton received 13% of the votes, beating out Starwood’s W brand (11%), Hilton (9%); Hyatt (7%), and Marriott (7%).

The survey results are due to Kimpton’s concerted effort to market itself as a gay-friendly brand.  “Of all the hotel brands, (Kimpton is ) the most active in LGBT community,” says David Paisley of Community Marketing. “They have a website, they sponsor tons of events and they advertise in gay and lesbian media.”


Community Marketing Announces Completion Of Two Gay Business Related Studies

Community Marketing, Inc., a GLBT market research and communications firm based in San Francisco, has announced the completion of two studies, one focusing on GLBT consumers and the other on gay commerce.

The 4th LGBT Community Survey yields historic 40,000 respondents from 100+ countries; provides marketing and communications insights, tracks motivations and trends.  Sample findings include:

  • When asked which major purchases they’d put off due to the economy but intend to make in the upcoming year, one-third said they plan to take a major vacation. Furniture and automobiles are next most popular major intended purchases.
  • When asked to rank the LGBT-friendliness of their employer on a 10-point scale, only half rated their employer LGBT-friendly. About 14% ranked their employer not at all LGBT-friendly.
  • While more than half of respondents check Facebook daily, the difference between young and old was significant. 81% of younger gay men (age 18-29) check Facebook daily, compared with only 37% of older gay men (age 45-59).

The first-ever survey of GLBT-owned companies and gay-friendly corporations yields a trove of findings and a roadmap for increasing GLBT-related business-to-business commerce.  The survey of over 1,400 gay and lesbian business decision-makers was conducted by Community Marketing, in partnership with the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC), and supported by Hyatt Hotels, Chubb Group of Insurance Companies and Wells Fargo Bank.  The study helps to quantify and qualify the purchasing habits, motivations, and behaviors of GLBT-owned companies and gay-friendly corporations, and explore opportunities for increasing GLBT-related B2B commerce.

Full survey results will be presented at the NGLCC Conference, November 18-20 in Washington, D.C.

Conferences Focus on Targeting Gay Consumers

For any marketing, advertising, or PR professionals looking to target the GLBT community, there are two upcoming opportunities to learn how to better reach gay consumers:

The Gay and Lesbian Marketing Conference in New York City on Friday, April 30th

This conference, sponsored by Community Marketing, Inc. and Pink Banana Media will be a comprehensive research, advertising, marketing, and communications forum, helping marketers better understand and serve gay and lesbian consumers.  Forum topics include: review of Community Marketing’s research, internet and email marketing, social networking, and other emerging communications technologies, exploring diversity markets within “LGBT” and how to reach them, focus group insights and trends, maximizing print and PR results, direct response marketing outreach, proven techniques for measuring, monitoring and maximizing ROI, and sponsorship marketing and events.

AdweekMedia’s Gay & Lesbian Consumers Conference in Los Angeles June 9th and 10th

AdweekMedia touts this conference as the only one of its kind for leading brand marketers, media planners, and market researchers that focuses on capturing the gay and lesbian market by way of emerging industry trends and cutting-edge marketing strategies.  Leading experts will share real-life case studies, exclusive research, and groundbreaking ideas to help marketers position their businesses to reach the $700 billion gay and lesbian market across a broad array of fields from travel and technology to fashion and music and much more.

As far as I can tell, this is the first year for both conferences.  It’s great to see there is enough interest within the American marketing community that organizers feel conferences of this magnitude can be held.