“It Gets Better” Campaign Named One Of Year’s Best By Ad Age

Congratulations to Dan Savage, the creator of the “It Gets Better” campaign which was named one of the 10 best social media campaigns of 2010 by Ad Age.  Savage, openly gay author of relationship advice column Savage Love, began the campaign after the recent rash of gay teen suicides spurned he and his partner to make a YouTube video with the “it gets better” message.

From there, a website was born, and video submissions came pouring in.  Everyone from Nancy Pelosi to Janet Jackson uploaded a video, and to date the website features over 5,000 submissions (the videos have even evolved into a dance club remix).

Ad Age’s “Book of Tens” edition, released on December 13th, names the prior year’s 10 best in everything from ad songs to iPhone apps.

On a side note, my apologies to regular readers of OGM for the lack of posts of late.  My 9 to 5 job and familial obligations have kept me busier than a one-armed paper hanger recently.  However, my schedule should be back to normal soon, and the frequency of posts on your favorite blog should return to normal soon!


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