Gay Advertisement #21: Treetopia Makes Christmas Gayer

I don’t know what to say about this Treetopia billboard that recently went up in Los Angeles.  I’ll let the tree’s description from the Treetopia website speak for itself:

“My first home was in a Vacation Bible School classroom where the students were learning all about Noah’s Ark and God’s promise to never again destroy the earth. Life was full of love; children sat close to me to be around the happiness that comes from rainbows and Christmas. I got to play the rainbow in all the church pageants. I was happy.

But one day the new minister’s wife ran in screaming, “That tree is a bad influence on my little boy!!!” She pointed a shaking finger at me, and two burly members of the congregation picked me up and put me in a closet-like box. I didn’t understand what the uproar was about. After all, I’m Just a Rainbow Tree.

A few months and a cross country trek later, those closet doors were thrown open and I alighted onto the floor of a thrift store in San Francisco. A crowd gathered around; their “oohs” and “aahs” and “Fabulous!” escalated until they hoisted me onto their shoulders. I was paraded up and down Castro Street, and soon a line formed behind me as we sang “Somewhere over the Rainbow”. I was so overwhelmed by the immediate acceptance and love that I just burst into tears.

My place is still in that thrift store, in the center window, still drawing crowds with my 7 foot stature and cheerful looks (I don’t need lights!). Oh! Listen to this – Last Saturday a woman ran into the store and threw her arms around me. I’m used to that, but I was surprised when she whispered, “I’m sorry”. When she pulled away, I saw who it was: The minister’s wife, and right behind her was her little boy, wearing the loudest colors I’d ever seen on a child. “If wearing bright colors makes him happy,” she said, taking his hand, “then he can wear bright colors.” We all hugged, and live happily after ever.”


One response to “Gay Advertisement #21: Treetopia Makes Christmas Gayer

  1. Rumor has it that Treetopia will be sponsoring an lgbt event in San Francisco next month!

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