Gay Advertisement #13: Port 10 Launches Campaign Targeted To “Gay Men, Students, & Arts Lovers”

Port 10, a 13-story apartment building in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood, has launched a new ad campaign targeted to three demographic groups who might be attracted to this enclave: gay men, students and arts lovers.  What differentiates Port 10 from other buildings in Chelsea, according to an article from the New York Times, is the imagery featured in the campaign. The ads, developed by the agency Tag Creative, Posters, signs, postcards, brochures and photographs on the building’s website present two modish men, holding hands, under the words “Bye Mom and Dad.”

It is difficult to declare definitively that the campaign, with a budget estimated at more than $400,000, is a first for the real estate industry in New York, or in the country as a whole, but it’s certainly unusual.  While we commonly see gay-inclusive ads from advertisers that rent rooms by the night (hotels and resorts), it’s not often that we see gay-targeted ads from those who rent rooms by the month (apartment buildings).


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