(Anti) Gay Advertisement #12: RDCA Karate

Sometimes I wonder about marketers’ thought processes when launching incredibly ill-conceived ad campaigns.  Such is the case with Florida-based RDCA Karate’s recent print ad endeavor which goes beyond poor taste – it’s downright offensive.  See below and judge for yourself.

Why don’t the advertisers just come out and say “Don’t let your son grow up to be a sissified queer – enroll him in karate lessons!”  Who in their right mind okayed these ads to go to print?  Did no one foresee the tidal wave of backlash these ads would cause?  RDCA Karate isn’t large enough for GLAAD to get involved, but news reports denouncing the ads have flooded the internet.  Oh to be a fly on the wall the day the marketing minds at RDCA and their ad agency conceived this brilliant idea.


2 responses to “(Anti) Gay Advertisement #12: RDCA Karate

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  2. I left the dojo because of this ad. As a straight woman raised by a gay couple this ad was offensive on a number of levels but I know that several of the parents who enroll their little boys there want to entrench their children in traditional gender roles (i.e. their little girls are taking ballet a few studios away). It’s a product of regional culture and probably won them some business.

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