Offers Compelling Statistics On The U.S. GLBT Population

I recently came across some interesting statistics about the U.S. GLBT population courtesy of

  • Over twice as likely as national index to be professionals or managers
  • Average household income over $85.4K
  • Are 3.4 times more likely to have household income over $250K
  • The 2000 Census showed gay men and lesbians living with partners in 99.3 percent of all U.S. counties
  • Research shows 9 percent of urban populations are gay and lesbian
  • Twice as likely to have graduated from college
  • Gay men and lesbians go out more, buy more, have more disposable income and are extremely loyal consumers
  • Gay and lesbian consumers purchase from companies/brands that advertise in gay media, deliver product messages in gay-specific advertising, support gay and lesbian community causes and are good to their own gay and lesbian employees
  • Four times as likely to spend over $150 on long distance monthly
  • Twice as likely to spend $250 on cellular service
  • Over 90 percent took a domestic trip this year
  • 60 percent took a foreign trip in the last three years
  • 65 percent identify themselves as having to have the “latest”
  • 68 percent upgrade to a product’s latest model
  • 77 percent “believe in indulging in themselves”
  • 57 percent “prefer to buy top of the line”
  • 59 percent buy themselves whatever they want

While the website doesn’t list its sources, this is certainly some compelling data for any marketers considering targeting the gay population.


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