Witeck-Combs Communications: The Nation’s Leading GLBT Marketing And Communications Firm

One reason I started this blog was to connect marketers and advertisers with first class agencies with the knowledge and  know-how to effectively reach the GLBT community.  Too often it seems, when organizations want to target gay and lesbian consumers, they turn to the large mega-agencies that handle the rest of their advertising programs.  While the big boys certainly afford advertisers some efficiencies in scale, I believe smaller, GLBT-focused (and often GLBT-owned) firms are vastly more qualified and effective at marketing to our community.

One such agency is Witeck-Combs Communications based in Washington D.C.  Witeck-Combs has emerged as the country’s preeminent public relations and marketing communications firm specializing in the GLBT consumer segment.  With an impressive client list that includes an array of Fortune 500 firms, there are few agencies that can match their experience with and knowledge of the gay community.

Business partners Bob Witeck and Wes Combs founded the agency in 1993 because they saw a disconnect between the gay community and the business community and decided their firm would be a bridge to connect these two worlds.  In addition to consulting services that include business plan assessments, media relations, management education, and strategic business partnerships and sponsorships, Witeck-Combs has been instrumental in bringing meaningful GLBT market research to the fingertips of U.S. marketing professionals through partnerships with organizations like Harris Interactive and MarketResearch.com.

To learn more about or to contact Witeck-Combs Communications, you can visit their website.  If you don’t have an immediate need for the agency’s services but are interested in learning more about GLBT marketing and communications, you’re in luck.  Witeck and Combs also penned Business Inside Out – hands down the best book on the subject of best practices in GLBT business.


One response to “Witeck-Combs Communications: The Nation’s Leading GLBT Marketing And Communications Firm

  1. I agree! Business Inside Out is the best book on LGBT marketing around. If you haven’t read it – get it! Great case studies that will help any marketer.

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