Beware The Term “Gay-Friendly”

Karen Ocamb from the Bilerico Project recently shared the story of Matt DeLeva and Eric Diaz’s recent trip to a “gay-friendly” resort in Cancun.  What should have been a dream vacation (in which Diaz proposed to DeLeva) turned out to be a nightmare when it became apparent that this resort was anything but gay-friendly.

It begs the question, what qualifies a hotel, or any other business for that matter, as gay-friendly?  In this case, the couple found the Gran Melia Resort on, under the “Gay Hotels & Gay Resorts” section of the website.  Expedia partners with the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association for the content of its GLBT oriented mini-site.  There’s no telling how this very homophobic resort slipped through the cracks of the normally very thorough IGLTA.  As of today, Expedia still has the Gran Melia on its list of gay-friendly Cancun resorts.


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