NYC Pride Sets Fundraising Record

New York City Pride 2010 wrapped up last weekend, and the celebration’s parent organization, Heritage of Pride, announced they shattered fundraising records with a 300% increase in corporate dollars this year.  According to Chris Frederick, the organization’s managing director, Heritage of Pride implemented a new “a la carte” sponsorship strategy in place of the standard “levels of sponsorship” system.

In this new system, company’s have more options and have the freedom to customize their sponsorship.  For instance, PetCo sponsored PetPride, which let event-goers celebrate with their pets.  Additionally, event newcomer Puma and long-time sponsor Kiehl’s hosted shopping events.

Besides the new sponsorship strategy hatched by Frederick, one big reason for the success of this year’s event is Frederick himself.  Formerly a promotions director at Out magazine, Frederick joined HOP last October and many are citing his tireless leadership for the record-setting fundraising efforts.

In addition to the aforementioned companies, HOP was able to secure support from new sponsors such as Wells Fargo/Wachovia, AOL, Sundance Channel, Ford, Zipcar, and New York Life as well as veteran sponsors like Bud Light, W Hotels, Delta, Fuze, Tylenol PM, and SKYY Vodka.


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