Facebook Gives In, Allows Gay Ads

A few weeks ago I reported on British gay digital ad firm Pink! AccuraCast’s battle with Facebook to place a few ads for the agency’s poll to choose the “best gay ad ever.”  Facebook initially denied the ads, and in a series of email exchanges, reps from the social networking site and AccuraCast argued the “relevancy and appropriateness” of the ads.  Facebook’s explanation for disallowing the ads was dubious at best, and its actions stunk of homophobia (you can read about it here and here).

Well it appears now that Facebook has had a change of heart.  After a lengthy and rather amusing exchange of emails, Pink! AccuraCast finally convinced Facebook that the ads were, in fact, within the website’s ad guidelines.  According to Adrian at AccuraCast, the ads have been running for several days now.  The irony of it all is that the disputed ads have achieved the highest click-through rates of all the ads the agency runs, proving once and for all the ads must be “relevant and appropriate” for their target audience!


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