St. Pete Pride Cancels Contract After Clear Channel Rejects Billboards

Clear Channel Outdoor, the world’s largest outdoor advertiser, has rejected two of the four billboards the St. Petersburg, Florida Pride organization leased to promote that community’s upcoming pride celebration.  In response, St. Pete Pride has cancelled its contract with Clear Channel, stating “the images that were not selected do not contain anything that is sexual, immoral, illegal or otherwise offensive in nature.”

The two rejected billboards can be seen above, and the two that were accepted can be seen below.  In years past, Clear Channel has edited the creative submitted by St. Pete Pride, but this year the organization decided to stand its ground.  In an email to Clear Channel from St. Pete Pride Executive Director Chris Rudisill wrote, “I’m almost certain that you have had billboards in the market which display men and women in both friendly and romantic ways.  I can’t seem to understand where these images would be any different, except for the fact that they portray two men and two women, respectively.  St. Pete Pride is determined to focus its message on the family aspect of the GLBT community.  Therefore, (we) would not allow Clear Channel to dictate what message we could convey.”


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