G Worldwide Launches Website

A few weeks ago I posted about G Worldwide, the “first ever luxury resort brand catering to the LGBT community and their friends, families, and supporters” and its mysterious teaser marketing campaign.  On June 2nd, G Worldwide unveiled its new website, revealing a little more about the resort chain and its growth plans.

So far, four resorts are planned in New York, NY, Wilton Manors, FL, Las Vegas, NV, and Palm Springs, CA.  Although the company has yet to reveal a construction schedule, the website showcases architectural renderings of its Wilton Manors location, so I’m guessing that will be the first to break ground.  G Worldwide is complementing the launch with a number of promotional events, though they all appear to be limited to locations in the Northeast (what no Texas love?).


7 responses to “G Worldwide Launches Website

  1. 1. Living in Wilton Manors I can say there is no real chance any new businesses can get going because the existing ones are in trouble. Business in gay bars and discos is off 70% since 2000 and 50% since 2004 or more. Discos here, in Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and Miami Beach are doing so badly none with large dance floors are even left.
    2. Just like in New York where big name promoter John Blair and long time Gay lobbyist Ethan Geto were involved, here former elected official Dean Tanalis has been hired. It all looks like smoke and mirrors, because in New York all the “prominent names” seem to have disappeared from the project.
    3. I repeat, if The Manor, George’s Alibi, Rosie’s, Matty’s on the Drive, Boom, have declining business, how can a new business in the same place do well?

  2. Such a venture must be forward looking and have a longitudinal perspective of growth and development of a community. So, with that in mind, I strongly project that Wilton Manors will continue to grow as an international venue for LGBT retirement, travel and tourism and as the economy strengthens, and it will (these things go in cycles), so goes the desirability and increased probability that Wilton Manors will support the kind of facilities that G-Worldwide is proposing. I live at Wilton Station, a large condominium complex in Wilton Manors and such an influx has already begun. The baby boomers are coming and no one is going to stop them! I’m one of them.

  3. Wilton Station is deserted and empty the last time I passed it in August, and please don’t tell me everyone was in Colorado! As we speak my neighbors are still complaining about the drink prices at the Manor. Outside of Saturdays and possibly Fridays the place is empty. The people who purchased at Wilton Landing have lost half the value of their investment (go to google and look up the record of assessed values and re-sales in Wilton Manors). Moreover at least one luxury ‘straight’ bar has done so badly it has started ‘gay nights’ that directly compete with the Manor and since the W’s bar is on the Oceanfront, where do you think the upscale gays are going? Also W is in FT LAUDERDALE not less than upscale Wilton Manors. The middle class retiring gay professional is choosing lower tax lower cost of living Gulf Coast places like Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale, Wilton Manors, Oakland Park just aren’t worth the money. Why settle for a condo in Wilton Manor or an apartment in Ft.Lauderdale or Oakland Park now when a house and a yard is cheaper in Tamarac? Please, don’t let real con artists misinform you so they can sell their underwater Wilton Manors’ condos!

  4. G Worlwide is a fraud and has no money. They will never open, owners Bob Ballas (of Scott Cable LLC) and Mike Haley have been fighting for months because they weren’t prepared and have no money. The smoke and mirrors that G has created has left many hard working people with no jobs that they were promised and are left with thousands of dollars (that they couldn’t afford to lose) in debt because they believed the lies and broken contracts that these bums created!!! This is yet another travesty that you can’t always believe what you read. G Worldwide is nothing more than a bunch of broken promises and deceit.

    • G owes me thousands of dollars too. The broken promises and has put my business in serious jeopardy. Some Luxury resort that can’t even pay its own tabs.

  5. Wilton Manors was very lucky to dodge this bullet – the website is gone.
    So much for them.

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