Macy’s Launches Gay Pride Campaign

Macy’s, the iconic American department store chain, is upping its marketing efforts to the GLBT community with an aggressive campaign set to kick off during Pride Month this June.  The campaign, which Macy’s is calling Pride + Joy, will include advertisements, in-store fashion events with gay-friendly celebrities, special tribute windows in select stores, 16 Pride sponsorships across the country, a microsite, and even gift registry booths for same-sex couples in some cities.

Macy’s has long supported and marketed to the gay community, but it was a recent corporate restructuring that allowed the company to expand its efforts.  Amidst financial woes, Macy’s decided to restructure from 4 separate distinct business units into a single brand.  Previously, each unit managed its sponsorships separately, but now the department store chain is finally able to put forth a single, united campaign.

According to MediaPost, Macy’s is the only company amping up its efforts.  NYCPride March managing director Chris Frederick has announced the organization has raised a record $300,000 in sponsorships this year, surpassing the old mark of $260,000 set in 2006.  In addition to Macy’s, Ford, Wells Fargo, Kiehl’s, Wynn Las Vegas, and Walgreens are all on board.


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