Is India The Next Gay Tourist Hot Spot?

I recently posted a story about Michael Lucas’ efforts to turn Israel into a gay tourist hotspot.  Now, the New York Times is reporting that shifting attitudes towards homosexuality in India may make that country the next big destination for gay tourists.

Historically, homosexuality has been a taboo subject in this conservative country, but recent changes have led Indians to reconsider their rigid views on social issues like gay rights.  A few examples of the changing attitude:  a high court in Dehli decriminalized same sex intercourse last year, major newspapers have encouraged Indians to accept the GLBT community, 12 or 13 new businesses targeted to gay tourists opened last year alone, gay marriage was legalized in Nepal (India’s neighbor to the north), and even a member of the royal family has announced plans to wed his partner.

Unlike Lucas’ efforts in Israel, the Times article doesn’t mention that pornography is playing a central role in India’s transformation into a trendy gay tourist destination, but with India’s thriving film industry who knows what could be around the corner?


One response to “Is India The Next Gay Tourist Hot Spot?

  1. Nice to know people are finally accepting this lifestyle in India. We hope the entire world becomes more and more understanding over time!

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