qnotes Adapts To Reader Preferences, Reinvents Itself

Much has been made of the decline of the newspaper industry due in large part to the emergence of online media (here’s an earlier post on the topic, and here’s another.)  Particularly hard hit have been smaller, regional publications who don’t have the resources or ability to adapt to a changing media landscape.  That’s why it’s so great to hear about one GLBT publication – Charlotte, NC-based qnotes – that has transformed itself in response to these shifts (as reported by Press Pass Q).

If there’s one thing gays know how to do, it’s reinvent themselves, and qnotes is no exception.  Realizing the publication needed a revamping, qnotes recently launched a new design and layout, a new logo and branding, new online content, events listings, and editorial direction – all designed to adapt to changing consumer tastes.

“Instead of looking at ourselves as a newspaper that has a website, we look at ourselves as a media company that has two products,” says editor Matt Comer. “We’ve got a brand new look and fresh editorial direction.”  Comer’s point of view on his publication’s product offering is refreshing in a time when so many smaller GLBT newspapers are struggling to survive.  To visit qnotes online go to www.goqnotes.com or look for print editions on newstands across the Carolinas.


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