Gay Advertisement #7: Can You Spot the Transvestite in This Givenchy Ad?

Givenchy made a splash last week when the design house announced it was featuring a transvestite model in its Fall 2010 ad campaign.  Creative Director Ricardo Tisci cast his former assistant Lea T., previously known as Leo T., in the ads alongside a bevy of more seasoned models.

This is just the latest occurrence to boost the profile of transgendered models.  A magazine called Candy recently launched, touting itself as “the first fashion magazine dedicated to transvestism, transexuality, cross dressing and androgyny.”  During Fashion week last Fall, a number of shows crossed gender-bending boundaries.  And of course, America’s Next Top Model famously featured transgendered model Isis Tsunami back in 2008.

I give major props to Givenchy for its daring, progressive ad campaign, but what’s even more impressive is I have no clue which of the models is Lea T.!


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