Playgirl Goes Gay? Nardicio Rethinks Magazine’s Marketing Strategy

Here’s an interesting interview with Daniel Nardicio, the new director of marketing for Playgirl magazine.  Nardicio is openly gay, and in the interview he speaks about the strides he has taken to acknowledge and market to the publication’s gay readers (Nardicio was responsible for removing the “Entertainment for Women” byline from the magazine’s cover).

As with Fleet Enemas, I have to ask what the hell took so long?!  Who else reads Playgirl other than gay men?! Thank God Playgirl hired a homo to run its marketing department!

In addition to opening up Playgirl’s targeting strategy to include gay men, Nardicio is responsible for landing the Levi Johnston photo spread and introducing the “Shaggin’ Wagon” – a magenta-hued van that is currently touring the country (with Nardicio at the wheel) scouting models for the magazine’s “Campus Hunks” issue.

Traveling across the country interviewing virile college studs for Playgirl magazine?  Must be rough…  Daniel Nardicio, if you’re reading this and you need an addition to your marketing department, give me a shout!


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