Largest Ever GLBT Consumer Research Study To Include U.S., Canada

Out Now Global, a leading international gay and lesbian marketing specialist agency operating in Europe and Australia, has announced its 2010 Global LGBT Marketing Study has expanded to include the USA and Canada.  The survey will be the world’s largest research study focusing on the consumer habits of the GLBT community ever conducted.  Gay Ad Network has been selected as the exclusive partner to bring the market study to the US and Canadian markets.

In all, 16 countries across Europe, North America, and Latin America will be surveyed, sampling a population of 1.1 billion with an estimated gay population of 52 million.  This is the first large scale, international survey of the enigmatic and often misunderstood GLBT consumer segment.

The study will cover many subjects including incomes, education levels, media usage, parenting, relationships, travel, employment, discrimination, equality concerns, aspirations and more.  Out Now’s research has already gained the attention of corporate partners, with Berlin Tourism Marketing sponsoring the European arm of the study and Delta Airlines sponsoring in Latin America.  Research is being conducted now, and the results should be available by the end of 2010.


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