Gay Advertisement #1: Levi’s

This is one of my favorite gay-targeted ads for a few reasons.  The messaging is simple and impactful, the production quality is first-rate, it doesn’t overtly use sex to sell, and Levi’s get’s bonus points for using the Peter, Bjorn, and John song “Up Against the Wall” from their album “Writers Block” (great song, great album, great band).

What’s really genius about this ad is that Levi’s piggy-backed on its budget to make a straight-oriented commercial to produce the gay-targeted one.  Below is the same ad targeted at our heterosexual friends.  A pet peeve of mine is when companies that normally produce high quality commercials shirk on their marketing dollars by producing low-budget, low quality ads to target gays.  By simply replacing the chick in the phone booth with a dude, Levi’s was able to produce a top quality gay ad without breaking the bank.


One response to “Gay Advertisement #1: Levi’s

  1. I liked this commercial as well, I wish the advertisers would take a bit more of a risk. Maybe have both couples hold hands or something. It is interesting to see the advertisers that have made attempts to make gay commercials that have been banned. Check it out on youtube.

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